The tiger king

TTK About the author

Ramaswamy Aiyer Krishanmurthi (9 Sept. 1899- 5 Dec. 1954) was a Tamil writer. His pen name was Kalki. He was also a freedom fighter, journalist, poet, critic and social activist. He was born in Purthamangalam in Tanjore district in Tamil Nadu. He got the Sahitya Academy Award for his Novel ‘Alai Osai’ in 1948.

TTK Summary of the story

This story is about the king of Pratibandapuram who was also known as the ‘Tiger King’ and was famous for his indomitable courage.The Tiger King was rumoured to have spoken when he was ten days old. His miraculous first words proved his intelligence, curiosity and bravery to the astrologers.The astrologers predicted that the young prince …

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TTK LAQs (6 marks)

Giving a bribe is an evil practice. How did the Tiger King bribe the British officer to save his kingdom? How do you view this act of his? (Delhi 2015)ans. The Tiger King dispatched a telegram to a famous British company of jewellers in Calcutta to send samples of expensive diamond rings of different designs. …

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