Report Writing – Example 1

Q. Your school held a two day Diwali Mela in the school grounds. Various food stalls were put up by the students. On the second day, there was a song and dance programme. Prizes were awarded to the participants. However, there were no fireworks. You are Amit/Amrita. Write a report on the event in 152- 150 words for your school magazine.


By Amrita

New Delhi, 3 November, 20XX

With Diwali round the corner, the spirit of festivity is in the air. A two day grand Diwali Mela was organised in the campus of XYZ School, New Delhi on 1st and 2nd November, 20XX. Various food stalls were put up by the students of classes X to XII. The Mela started with lamp lighting by the Honourable Chief Guest Mr. A. K. Tyagi, an IAS officer. He visited all the food stalls and game stalls as well. (Introductory Para)

(1st day’s account)There were twenty food stalls where different sorts of eatables – from Indian street food to Chinese to South Indian, were present. There were also stalls of sweets. No one could resist tasting Rava Dosa, Chilly Potatoes and Vada Pao. Most of the things were home-made. Stalls of Indian handicrafts, handmade lampshades, painted diyas and hangings were also set up. There were various games and activities (Break the Pyramid, Tear the Paper, Dart game, Coin in the bucket, Rice and Button, Roll the Dice, Tambola, Tattoo Making and Bouncy) which attracted the attention of students and their parents. The children were excited. Senior as well as junior students with their parents and friends could be seen enjoying the various stalls. (2nd day’s account) A cultural programme which showcased song and dance performances was held on 2nd November in the school auditorium. The performers gave their best performance. A stage came when it was difficult to judge the winner. The cultural programme was followed by prize distribution. Rajesh Kumar of class IX C had bagged the first prize in singing, whereas the students of class XI were awarded for group dance. Their dance performance stole the show. There were no fireworks in this Diwali Mela because playing safe is always the best. (Conclusory Paragrph)The mela depicted the vibrance of this festival. The two day programme ended on a pleasant note. Everyone was cheerful and enjoyed to the maximum. It was a huge success.

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