The Shop That Never Was- Part 2

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Let’s continue:

“It’s in your pocket,” said the shopman, and there it was.
“How much does it cost ?”I asked.
There is no charge for glass balls,” said the shopman politely. “We get them free.” He drew a business card from his cheek and handed it to me. “Genuine Magic Goods, sir,”he said.
He now turned towards Gip with a friendly smile and said, “You wanted a magic box, didn’t you?”
“Yes, ” Gip said.
“It’s in your pocket, ” he said. Gip discovered the box with surprise.
Then the shop man quickly went behind the counter and was absent for a while.
“Let’s look behind the counter, Gip,” I said. “He’s making fun of us.”
Just then, he appeared again from a dark corner of the room . “You’d like to see our showroom, Sir?” said he. Gip tugged my finger forward.
In the showroom, there were many things that Gip fancied. He turned to this astonishing man with respect.”ls that a magic sword?” he said.
“A Magic Toy Sword-this is a unique one! It neither bends, breaks, nor cuts the fingers,” replied the shopman. I tried to find out what they cost, but the shopman did not pay attention to me. He had got Gip now. I saw, with a feeling of distrust, that Gip was holding this person’s finger as usually he held mine.
The shopman showed Gip magic-trains that ran without steam, clockwork and a box of soldiers that all came alive when one said a magic word. “You’ve never seen such a one!” said the shopman. “You’ll take that box?”
“We’ll take that box,” I said.
And the shopman swept the soldiers back again, shut the lid, and waved the box in the air. And there it was, in brown paper, tied up and with Gip’s full name and address on the paper. He laughed at my amazement.

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