The Shop That Never Was- Part 1

নিচের অডিও টি শুনতে শুনতে নিচের Text অংশটি পড়। Text অংশে Bold এবং Italic হরফে লেখা শব্দের ওপর আঙ্গুল ট্যাপ করলে তার মানে দেখতে পাবে।

Lets read:

I had seen the Magic Shop from afar several times. I had passed it once or twice, but never had I thought of going in. One day, my son, Gip dragged me up to the shop. There was such keenness in him that I was forced to get in.
It was a little narrow shop, not very well lit. On the shop counter, there were several crystal balls. On the floor, there were magic mirrors: one to draw you out long and thin and one to make you short and fat. While we were laughing at all these, the shopman appeared.
“How can I help you?” said he.
“I want to buy my little boy a few simple tricks,” I said.
“Um !” said the shopman, and scratched his head for a moment, as if thinking. Then he drew from his hair a glass ball and said, “Something like this?” and held it out. The action was unexpected. I had seen the trick done at magic shows, but I had no expected it here.
“That’s good”, I said with a laugh.
“Isn’t it?” said shopman.
Gip stretched out his hand to take this object and found merely a blank palm.


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