Class 6 The magic fish bone Unit 2

The Magic Fish Bone

নিচের অডিওটি শুনতে শুনতে গল্পের এই অংশটি পড়ো। এই অংশের মধ্যে নীল রঙের এবং বোল্ড হরফে থাকা শব্দগুলোর উপরে মাউস নিয়ে গেলে অথবা আঙ্গুল দিয়ে ট্যাপ করলে তার মানে জানতে পারবেঃ

Let’s continue:

Just then, the old lady came trotting up! She was dressed in shot-silk
of the richest quality.
“King Watkins the
first, I believe?”
“Watkins,” repIied
the King, “is my
Papa of the beautiful
princess Alicia?” The
old lady asked.
“Yes,” King Watkins
“You are going to the
office?” said the old lady.
It instantly flashed upon the king that she must be a Fairy, or how could
she know that?
“You are right,” said the old lady, answering his thoughts, “I am the Good
Fairy Grandmarina. Listen. When you return home to dinner, invite the
princess Alicia to have some of the salmon you bought just now. When the
beautiful princess finishes eating, you will find she will leave a fish-bone on
her plate. Tell her to dry it, and to rub it, and to polish it till it shines like
mother-of-pearl. Ask her to take care of it as a present from me.”
“Is that all?” Asked the King.

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