WC6 The Magic Fish Bone Part 2

নিচের অডিওটি শুনতে শুনতে টেক্সট অংশটি পড়বে। নীল এবং মোটা অক্ষরে লেখা শব্দগুলির ওপরে আঙুল টাচ করলে তার মানে দেখতে পাবে

Let’s continue:

Just then, the old lady came trotting up I She was dressed in shot-silk of the richest quality.

“King Watkins the first, I believe?”
“Watkins,” replied the King, “is my name.”
“Papa of the beautiful princess Alicia?1′ The old lady asked.
“Yes,” King Watkins replied.
“You are going to the office?” said the old lady.

It Instantly flashed upon the king that she must be a Fairy, or how could she know that?
“You are right,” said the old lady, answering his thoughts, “I am the Good Fairy Grandmarina. Listen. When you return home to dinner, invite the princess Alicia to have some of the salmon you bought just now. When the beautiful princess finishes eating, you will find she will leave a fish-bone on her plate. Tell her to dry it, and to rub it, and to polish it till it shines like mother-of-pearl. Ask her to take care of it as a present from me.”
“Is that all?” Asked the King.
’Tell the princess Alicia, with my love, that the fish-bone Is a magic present which can be used only once. It will bring her, only once, what she wishes for—provided she wishes for it at the right time. That is the message. Take care of it.”

With those words, Grandmarina vanished. The King went on and on, till he came to his office. There he wrote and wrote and wrote, till it was time to go home again. Then he invited the princess Alicia, as the fairy had directed him, to take the salmon. And when she had enjoyed it very much, he saw the fish-bone on her plate and delivered the Fairy’s message. Princess Alicia took care to dry the bone, and to rub it, and to polish it till it shone like mother-of-pearl.

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