WC6 The Magic Fish Bone Part 1

নিচের অডিওটি শুনতে শুনতে টেক্সট অংশটি পড়বে। নীল এবং মোটা অক্ষরে লেখা শব্দগুলির ওপরে আঙুল টাচ করলে তার মানে দেখতে পাবে

Let’s read:
here was once a King, and he had a Queen. They had several children. Alicia was the eldest, who looked after the other children. The King was, in his private profession, under the government. The Queen’s father had been a medical man out of town.

One day, the King was going to the office when he stopped at the fishmonger’s shop. He needed to buy a pound and a half of salmon which the Queen had requested him to send home. He had not proceeded far after finishing his shopping, when the fishmonger’s errand-boy came running after him. He said, “Sir, you didn’t notice the old lady in our shop. “What old lady?” enquired the King. “I saw none.” Now, the King had not seen any old lady because she had been invisible to him, though visible to the fishmonger’s boy.

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