Class 6: The adventurous clown- Part 2

নিচের অডিও টি শুনতে শুনতে নিচের Text অংশটি পড়। Text অংশে Bold (মোটা ) এবং Blue (নীল রঙ ) হরফে লেখা শব্দের ওপর আঙ্গুল ট্যাপ করলে তার মানে দেখতে পাবে।

Let’s continue:

“What do you mean by spoiling my race like that?” he shouted. “Now the other horse and cart will win! You silly, little clown!”

Tuffy was upset. “You don’t understand I’m a hero!” He ran out and sat down in a toy farm wiping his tears. Suddenly Tuffy noticed a doll’s house in a corner of the shop. He saw smoke coming out of one of the windows. “Fire! Fire!” shouted Tuffy. “Another adventure! I’ll put it out at once.”

He found a ladder and put it up against the wall of the doll’s house. Then he took a big bucket, filled it with water from the farm pond. He climbed the ladder and threw all the water in at the window. Just then, someone caught him by the collar and roared, “And what do you think you’re doing playing a silly trick like that?”

Poor Tuffy was shaken like a rat. “Don’t do that!” he shouted. 111 am a hero! I was putting out the fire.” Tuffy saw that he was speaking to a
sailor doll who was making porridge. “Can’t I cook in peace without you coming and throwing water at me?”

“They won’t let me be a hero,” he sobbed. Soon after, he heard a cry and looked around. There was a big bowl of water nearby. In it were swimming two fine goldfish. And there was a small doll too!

“She’s fallen in! I’ll rescue her! This is a real adventure at last!”

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