Class 6: The adventurous clown- Part 1

নিচের অডিও টি শুনতে শুনতে নিচের Text অংশটি পড়। Text অংশে Bold (মোটা ) এবং Blue (নীল রঙ ) হরফে লেখা শব্দের ওপর আঙ্গুল ট্যাপ করলে তার মানে দেখতে পাবে।

Let’s read:
There was once a toy clown called Tufty. He lived in a toy shop with many other toys. Tuffy longed to be a hero. He wanted to do something noble so that all the toys would cry out that he was a hero. He thought his little corner on the toy shelf was dull.

“Why do you grumble so much?” asked Timothy, the puppy dog. “Be happy with us, Tuffy. Why do you want to go off and have adventures?”

“Adventures are always exciting. I want to do something that would make alI the toys take notice of me. It’s so dull up here on our shelf, ” replied Tuffy.

At night, the clown climbed down from his shelf to look for adventures. Now that night there was to be a grand race between two wooden horses and carts driven by wooden farmers. The race was just starting as Tuffy climbed down. One cart came racing by. The farmer riding it stood up and shouted!

“Goodness! An adventure already! A runaway horse!” thought Tuffy. “Now Is my chance to be a hero.”

The horse and the cart came round again and Tuffy jumped at the reins. He held on to them and dragged the horse to one side. The cart turned over and the farmer fell down. Tuffy stood by, helping him up, feeling very proud that he had stopped the horse.

But the farmer was terribly angry.

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