Class 6: It all began with drip drip- Part 2

নিচের অডিও টি শুনতে শুনতে নিচের Text অংশটি পড়। Text অংশে Bold (মোটা ) এবং Blue (নীল রঙ ) হরফে লেখা শব্দের ওপর আঙ্গুল ট্যাপ করলে তার মানে দেখতে পাবে।

Let’s continue:
“There is my donkey!”Bholenath shouted, and running to the tiger, grabbed it. He pulled the tiger’s ears.

“Move, you lazy donkey, or I will give you a hard time!”

The tiger was really frightened. “This must be the terrible drip-drip!” He thought.

Bholenath dragged the tiger home and kept him tied by a sturdy rope to a tree near his hut.

In the morning, Bholenath’s wife discovered the tiger tied to the tree and screamed in fear. Hearing her, the neighbours came running out of their huts. Bholenath was sleeping. He came out, too.

The people were all mystified. “Who tied this tiger to the tree?” They asked. A neighbour said, “I think Bholenath can tell us. I saw him last night dragging
an animal through the storm.”

Bholenath was too frightened to admit his mistake. Everyone looked questioningly at Bholenath. In the meantime the tiger disturbed and confused by all the people had chewed through the rope. It ran away to the Jungle. The villagers were relieved.

Bholenath now saw an opportunity to brag.

“It is I who captured The Tiger last night. I even pulled its ears”, Bholenath announced proudly. Everyone marveled at his bravery.

Soon the news of Bholenath bravery reached the king. The king was highly impressed. He made Bholenath the commander-in – chief of the king’s Army. Bholenath and his wife were given a huge house to live in.

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