Class 6: It all began with drip drip- Part 1

নিচের অডিও টি শুনতে শুনতে নিচের Text অংশটি পড়। Text অংশে Bold (মোটা ) এবং Blue (নীল রঙ ) হরফে লেখা শব্দের ওপর আঙ্গুল ট্যাপ করলে তার মানে দেখতে পাবে।

Let’s read: 
The tiger was caught in a storm. He had wandered near the village, looking for something to eat. On the outskirts of that village lived an ill-tempered old woman. The tiger huddled in shelter close to the wall of the woman’s hut.

The old woman was feeling very ill-tempered that night. The rainwater was leaking through the roof.

“There is no escape from this drip-drip”, she muttered angrily, pushing her bed around the room to keep it dry. She shoved the bed and a tin trunk against a wall. The wall shook.

“This drip-drip will be the death of me!”she shouted.

The tiger on the opposite side of the wall felt the wall shake and was frightened. “The drip-drip must be a very dreadful creature,” he thought.

Meanwhile, Bholenath,, the potter, was out in the night, looking for his donkey in the storm. Suddenly he saw an animal huddled in the dark against the wall of the woman’s hut.

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