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    All About A Dog

    In this text, the author A.G. Gardiner observes how a bus conductor makes a lady go up to the uncovered top of a double-decker bus on a freezing evening just because she is carrying a dog. While watching the incident and its reaction among other passengers, the author wonders whether rules should be tempered with goodwill in order to make them more humane.
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    His first flight

    This is a complete course on WBBSE Class 9, Lesson 8, His First flight by Liam O' Flaherty.

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    Mild The Mist Upon The Hill

    In this poem the blue mist that surrounds the distant mountains reminds the poet of the happy days of youth and childhood that she has left behind As she describes the landscape, she shifts from the present moment to the past, and then to the present again. Now let us learn about the poem in details. All the activities are solved.
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    Tales Of Bhola Grandpa

    Manoj Das (1934 ) is an Indian award-winning bilingual writer who writes in Oriya and English. He has written many novels, short stories, poems, travelogues and articles on history and culture. This text is an edited version ofDas's short story which narrates Bhoki Grandpa's hilarious adventures seen through the eyes of a young man who had known him closely. The simplicity and forgetfulness ofBhola Grandpa provides an element of humour on which the story hinges. Now learn about the story in detail.
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    The North Ship

    Complete course on WBBSE Class 9 The North Ship written by Plilip Larkin.

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    The Price Of Bananas

    This is a complete course on WBBSE Class 9 story The Price of Bananas written by Mulk Raj Anand.
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    Tom Loses A Tooth

    This text is an extract from Mark Twain's novel The adventures of Tom Sawyer. The story is about the childhood pranks of a young boy who is looking for ways to avoid going to school but is caught in his own trap. Now let us learn about the story. All the activities are solved.
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