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Writing Reports

In this course we will learn about how to write reports. Report writing is very important for almost all the board exams. Let us learn it.

On the face of it

This is a play featuring an old man Mr. Lamb and a small boy named Derry. Derry suffers from a complex. After one side of his face gets burnt, he always remains withdrawn and defiant. He doesn’t like to be near people as he can’t stand their uncharitable looks and remarks. Mr. Lamb himself has …

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In ‘Evans Tries An O-Level’, author Colin Dexter describes how Evans proves that all attempts of the prison officers like Jackson and Stephens and good-for-a-giggle Governor failed to stop him from escaping. All precautions have been made to see that O-level German examination, in the prison arranged for Evans, doesn’t provide him with any means …



The chapter ‘Indigo‘ pays a tribute to the leadership shown by Mahatma Gandhi to secure justice for oppressed people

Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

In the poem Aunt Jennifer’sTigers the poet describes the oppressed condition of women by males and their dominance in society.

Should Wizard Hit Mommy

Here is a story about the world-view of a little child, and the difficult moral question she raises during the story session with her father.

A thing of beauty

Based on Greek mythology about a shepherd named Endymion, his quest for his love Diana and how in his quest, he falls in love with an Earthly maiden, who later turns out to be Diana herself. It is a full course.

Smart Ice Cream

The short story ‘Smart Ice Cream’ by Paul Jennings has a wonderful twist in the tail which demonstrates the consequences of arrogant, selfish behaviour. A ‘funny’ case of Karma!

Deep Water

Question answers from Deep Water. It is an extract from the book ‘Men and Mountains’ by William Douglas.

Keeping Quiet

Complete question answers on Keeping Quiet by Pablo Neruda, a poem from CBSE Class 12.

The Tiger King

A short course on The Tiger King written by Ramaswamy Aiyer Krishnamurthy (Kalki). 

The Price Of Bananas

This is a complete course on WBBSE Class 9 story The Price of Bananas written by Mulk Raj Anand.

The North Ship

Complete course on WBBSE Class 9 The North Ship written by Plilip Larkin.

His first flight

This is a complete course on WBBSE Class 9, Lesson 8, His First flight by Liam O’ Flaherty.

My Mother at Sixty-six

This is a complete course on My mother at sixty six, written by Kamala Das from CBSE Class 12 English Core.

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