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    A King’s Tale

    This is a complete course on Class 8, Lesson 7, A King's Tale.

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    A thing of beauty

    Based on Greek mythology about a shepherd named Endymion, his quest for his love Diana and how in his quest, he falls in love with an Earthly maiden, who later turns out to be Diana herself. It is a full course.
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    All About A Dog

    In this text, the author A.G. Gardiner observes how a bus conductor makes a lady go up to the uncovered top of a double-decker bus on a freezing evening just because she is carrying a dog. While watching the incident and its reaction among other passengers, the author wonders whether rules should be tempered with goodwill in order to make them more humane.
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    An April Day

    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ( 1807 - 1882) was one of the most famous American poets of his day. Longfellow is well known for his lyric poems, noted for their musicality. His first major poetry collections were Voices of the Night ( 1839) and Ballads and Other Poems (1841). The present text is a part of Longfellow’s poem of the same name. Now learn about the poem in detain in this course. All textual activities are solved.
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    An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum

    Complete course on CBSE Class 12 An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum by Stephen Spender.  

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    In this course we will add daily activities. You should complete each activities. It will help you to practice and become perfect.

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    Intizar Hussain, born in 1923, is a famous writer from Pakistan who writes short stories and novels in Urdu, and also columns for newspapers in English. He has received many awards in Pakistan, India and the Middle East. The Seventh Door and Leaves are among his books translated into English. His Urdu short story Badal has been translated as Clouds t present text is its edited version. Now learn about the story in detail.
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    Deep Water

    Question answers from Deep Water. It is an extract from the book ‘Men and Mountains’ by William Douglas.

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    His first flight

    This is a complete course on WBBSE Class 9, Lesson 8, His First flight by Liam O' Flaherty.

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    How the little kite learned to fly

    The poem expresses the fearful nature of a little kite who wanted to fly high in the sky. Initially, the little kite was afraid to fly high into the sky and was highly pessimistic. But later on with the motivating words of the big kite, he gathered courage and learnt to fly slowly. Finally, he successfully learnt to fly high in the whirling sky.

    Now learn about the poem in details. All activities are solved. 

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    It All Began With Drip Drip

    Alka Shankar is an author of repute. Her well-known book is The Mighty and the Mystical Rivers of India- exotic India. She is famous for her children's books. Sharleen Mukundan is a renowned children's author. She has written Murthy: the Story Book in collaboration with Alka Shankar. This story is written by her. Now learn about the story in detail.  

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    Keeping Quiet

    Complete question answers on Keeping Quiet by Pablo Neruda, a poem from CBSE Class 12.
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    Land Of The Pharaohs

    The civilization we call ancient Egypt flourished about 5000 years ago, when the rule of the Pharaohs began. They made Egypt a rich and powerful nation, admired throughout the ancient world. They also ordered the building of great temples and elaborate tombs for themselves. The Egyptians believed that all Pharaohs were god-kings. Ancient Egyptians used picture writing called Hieroglyphs for inscription in the tombs and temples. Paper was made from thinly sliced papyrus stems. The following tale in pictures describes a child's wonder as he visits Egypt for the first time. Let us learn in details. All the activities are solved.  

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    Mild The Mist Upon The Hill

    In this poem the blue mist that surrounds the distant mountains reminds the poet of the happy days of youth and childhood that she has left behind As she describes the landscape, she shifts from the present moment to the past, and then to the present again. Now let us learn about the poem in details. All the activities are solved.
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    My Mother at Sixty-six

    This is a complete course on My mother at sixty six, written by Kamala Das from CBSE Class 12 English Core.

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    Princess September

    This is a complete course on Princess September. Students can learn about the story with detailed meaning. Languages used in explanation are English and Bengali.
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    Smart Ice Cream

    The short story 'Smart Ice Cream' by Paul Jennings has a wonderful twist in the tail which demonstrates the consequences of arrogant, selfish behaviour. A 'funny' case of Karma!

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    Tales Of Bhola Grandpa

    Manoj Das (1934 ) is an Indian award-winning bilingual writer who writes in Oriya and English. He has written many novels, short stories, poems, travelogues and articles on history and culture. This text is an edited version ofDas's short story which narrates Bhoki Grandpa's hilarious adventures seen through the eyes of a young man who had known him closely. The simplicity and forgetfulness ofBhola Grandpa provides an element of humour on which the story hinges. Now learn about the story in detail.
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    The Adventurous Clown

    Enid Mary Blyton (1897—1968) is one of the most popular British children's authors of all times. Her works include series of novels in which children have their own adventures with minimal adult help. The most popular among these are The Famous five, based on four children and their dog, and The Secret Seven, a society of seven children who solve various mysteries. This text is an edited version of her short story The Adventurous Clown. Now learn about the story in detail.

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    The Enemy by Pearl S. Buck

    A course on The Enemy written by Pearl S Buck.

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